What our patients say

"I have had a infection for the last two weeks and Anna has got me prescriptions and now a referral to the dental hub for emergency extraction...she has been amazing x"


''I have been attending the Walberton Dental Surgery and have had NHS and private treatment on several occasions and have been very satisfied with my treatment by Dr Anna Zajaczkowska which each time has been discussed thoroughly with me as to the best course of action required''

A Wells

"I have a phobia about all aspects of visiting dental practices. My friend recommended this surgery and have had excellent treatment. I do get worked up about my appointments beforehand but should not as my dentist is so kind and gentle and well aware of my anxieties as is the lovely receptionist too."


"I visited Walberton dentist as I was not happy with the care and treatment from my previous corporate dental practice over the last five years..having had a tooth removed I was told that most of the remainder were beyond treatment owing to advanced gum disease and would need to be removed as and when they became painful. At Walberton dentist I received excellent professional advice, excellent hygienist treatment, a tooth crowned and teeth repaired that I had previously been told were beyond redemption. My teeth and gums now feel better than they have for years. A first class professional and caring dental practice. Highly recommended."


"Thank you for arranging with Jag Dhanda for the fitting of two implants and a three tooth bridge. I have been very pleased with the results, eating is now a pleasure and I have now regained my glamorous smile.I have no hesitation in recommending your practice and Jag, many thanks."


"What can I say other than exceptional dental care and a lovely practice! I was offered an emergency appointment the same day when I had toothache.  The staff I had contact with were all very professional and knew what they were doing. The receptionist explained the paperwork to me fully, providing me with her time to make sure that I understood (which is very rare based on other practice’s I have been to)  My dentist explained in full what she was going to do, fully explaining my diagnosis and discussing the next steps of my treatment. The dental nurse was so kind to me and very reassuring. If I can laugh ands smile whilst visiting the dentist – I know they are good! The team working here clearly work well together and I would highly recommend their services."


"Fantastic. Just moved here and went for a check up. Saw a dentist and her assistant, they could not have been nicer or more professional Highly recommended. If you fear the dentist, whatever age go and see them.  They have demonstrated that my previous dentist was rubbish. I wish them every success in the future. I guarantee they will get bigger as more people go to see them and will be very happy, like me. Do not delay."


"Very prompt with getting an emergency appointment."


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