Smilelign at Walberton

Would you like straighter teeth and a more attractive smile but hate the thought of wearing braces?

Many people searching for teeth straightening treatment do not realise how many options there are for adults who wish to straighten their teeth.
At Walberton Dental Surgery Ltd we offer the Smilelign aligner system, a clear aligner system that will move your teeth discreetly meaning you can continue to live your life without anyone knowing you are straightening your teeth.

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The Process

Initial Consultation
At your initial consultation, we will use the latest technology to scan your teeth (no need to take impressions) and check the Smilelign treatment will work for you. From these scans and taking in to account your smile aspirations our Smilelign technicians will, using top of the range 3D software, plan your treatment journey.

Treatment Plan
We provide all our Smilelign patients with a treatment plan, including details of the cost of the treatment. We will also be able to show you a computerised simulation of how your teeth currently look and how this will change following the treatment.

The Treatment
During the treatment you will wear a series of different aligners, each one slightly different therefore moving your teeth gently in to the new desired position Smilelign aligners are worn 24 hours a day except when eating, drinking or cleaning your teeth.

With treatment taking place in as little as 3 months, you may not have long to wait for the smile you have always wanted.

You can read more at and see a number patient testimonials, as well as before and after pictures.

Click here to view the Smilelign consent form.

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Once you have completed your treatment you will need to wear a retainer to keep your teeth in their new position, there are a couple of options and we will discuss these with you at your initial consultation.

Click here to view more information about the Smilelign retainers

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Digital Dental Technology

At Walberton Dental Surgery Ltd we have invested in state of the art dental technology which allows us to to scan your mouth more accurately, avoiding the need to take uncomfortable impressions of your teeth.

Our intraoral scanner also allows us to show you how your smile might look after your orthodontic treatment and corrections, we feel this is important at the early stages of planning as it allows you the opportunity to see what can be achieved before commitment to any lengthy treatment.

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